Counterparty Cash Pronounces Its Support For The Token Assets


Julian Smith, who happens to be the creator of the new BCH token infrastructure while addressing several journalists, said that the Counterparty Cash would be moving along way supporting the token assets. According to him, the ecosystem set up around bitcoin cash was quite healthy at the moment.

Counterparty Cash protocol, as was revealed by the top official was expected to add tokenized assets to the BCH network. Smith takes a strong stand that the Counterparty Cash Association which is found in Switzerland has collaborated with Edge which happens to be a cryptocurrency wallet provider.

Amaury Séchet, the Bitcoin ABC lead developer while speaking at the Cryptopulco conference that was held recently said that the Counterparty had been serving as an ideal experiment for Bitcoin adding that users will be finding it quite useful.

Julian Smith opined, “The ‘meta-protocol’ concept and the Counterparty Cash system that utilizes the margin of a bitcoin transaction for declaring a given tokenized application will help bolster BCH innovation. Bringing this core concept to bitcoin cash is a natural extension to top frequency on-chain transactions of a lot of business models from financial instruments to bonds, equity and warrants within a project.”

It was in the course of this particular week that the Edge mobile wallet was unveiled and one interesting fact is that it made it possible for users to grasp several cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cash in a non-custodial manner. The founder and CEO of Edge Paul Puey said that he was optimistic they would be moving smoothly in the undertaking of enabling support for the tokenized BCH assets utilizing the Counterparty Cash protocol.

According to him, with the passage of time they have managed to acquire all the knowledge that they need to make the bitcoin mobile wallet more of a simplified experienced to the user. It goes without saying that each and every user looks forward to the sort of mobile wallet experience that is safe and easy to use.

There is much in terms of what is expected in the near future, but for now we just have to wait and see.


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