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Investors are quickly finding out that digital currency and blockchain technology are more than just a fad. In fact investors are starting to realize that the blockchain technology of today has actually been something that big banks and funds have been looking at for awhile but now there’s an arms race for tech companies to get to market first.

The dotcom era and cannabis boomS have taught us a lot when it comes to making smart decisions into new, exciting industries with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency quickly rising to the top of the food chain for new investment opportunities. But now it isn’t just about buying stock in the next company that mentions the words bitcoin or blockchain.

The twilight of this market is upon us right now and just like boundary pushing industries of the past, there is an enormous amount of opportunity to be first to capitalize. Fortune 500 corporations (JP Morgan, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel) are now adopting blockchain solutions and anyone thinking this is just a short term “thing” may be in for a very rude awakening!.

Block One Capital Inc. (BLOK.V) (BKPPF) Has Become A Leading Company To Spearhead The Evolution Of This New Technology As We Know It!

But what’s a blockchain? And why do I need to put money in there? Trying to figure out what the blockchain is or how it works is like the olden days of the internet when college students were asking: what’s a modem? What’s this Mosaic thing? And why do I need it to do my homework?

Trying to explain the future possibilities of the internet in the early 90s is like explaining the future possibilities of blockchain today. A recent IBM commercial about how food safety is improved when food can be tracked on the blockchain does little to educate anyone on what that technology is, or does, or why something similar doesn’t exist already.

In other words, blockchain, and all that it will become is not just for venture capitalists hunting for the next big start-up. This is not a fad.

“Coinbase will do a billion dollars in revenue this year,” says Eric Ervin, co-founder and CEO of Reality Shares, about the blockchain company famous for powering one of the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges. “They have more customers than Schwab…and there is zero chance that they have more employees than Schwab.”

If you can’t see the writing on the wall right now, you’re behind the 8 ball but there’s still time to take advantage of the ground floor market opportunity being presented with some budding blockchain companies!

Block One Capital (BLOK.V) (BKPPF) is one company making the move to streamline and further enhance the assets it holds in order to drive serious investor value. The company sources, evaluates and invests in early-stage, highgrowth opportunities at attractive valuations.

The fact of the matter is this: there is major demand from investors for exposure to the space. Access and exposure to quality, high impact opportunities are generally too challenging and complex for the investors to source and evaluate on their own due to numerous factors including lack of expertise in the blockchain space and BLOK.V has simplified the process through an offering of class leading investments across multiple segments of this new industry!


TG12 Ventures Inc.: Cryptocurrency Mining

Block One has acquired 90% of TG12 Ventures Inc., a cryptocurrency mining company that is in the process of bringing online a diversified cryptocurrency mining operation in the Mid-Western United States.

Why Is This Important For Early Investors:

TG12 will be implementing two types of miners: Bitmain’s S9 Antminers and Canaan’s Avalon 821s. TG12 has received the first shipment of miners and expects that 1,000 miners will be operational by the end of March 2018. The global cryptocurrency market is $300B+ and things like Bitcoin have paved the way for exponential growth of other digital assets across the globe!

Finzat Block LLC: A Blockchain Solution for the US Mortgage Industry

Block One has acquired 40% of Finzat Block LLC, a New York based mortgage blockchain company aiming to streamline and digitize the US mortgage market using innovative blockchain applications to create a system which is Simple, Auditable, Fault-tolerant and Efficient (SAFE).

Finzat has named Michael W. Moore as the company’s Chairman. Mr. Moore is a recognized leader in mortgage finance and investment and risk management. During his 15 years as the senior-most financial executive with the Chicago Federal Home Loan Bank, he was the co-developer of Mortgage Partnership Finance, a mortgage origination platform whereby Federal Home Loan Bank members participate in a unique risk sharing arrangement with their respective FHLB optimizing benefits for both parties.

Why Is This Important For Investors?

Mortgage industry is a $9.9 trillion sector of which Block One Capital is at the forefront of revolutionizing through its Finzat arm. This could quickly transform the US mortgage collateral and compliance marketplace as we know it, by applying advanced blockchain principles.

The mortgage industry is ripe for blockchain solutions to drive efficiency, reduce costs, streamline workflows and improve the customer experience.

CUIPO: A Social Initiative for Rainforest Preservation

Block One acquired up to 40% of OMAAT LTD. dba CUIPO, a London UK based technology business harnessing the power of blockchain to digitize and democratize the purchase and preservation of natural land assets.

CUIPO specializes in developing technologies and infrastructure to save and protect endangered lands by the gamification of online conservation efforts, achieved by using a patented virtual grid system and tokenization method, one square meter at a time.

Why Is This Important For Investors?

CUIPO’s revenue streams will be: product licensing, educational gift card products, global event and festival sponsorship opportunities and creation and management of Corporate Social Responsibility services for medium to large enterprises.

Dance for 1 Meter, a rainforest preservation initiative launched by CUIPO has been featured on the front pages of, Huffington Post and over 20 global publications and platforms. D41M launched in 2017 with incredible success scoring two major deals with the largest electronic music event promoters in New York and Ibiza, Spain. Fully supported by many of the world’s celebrity DJ’s and artists and with over 2000 events planned for 2018/2019, D41M aims to become the largest environmental initiative in dance music history.

Learning From The Past To Take Advantage Of Future Trends

Many of the emerging blockchain companies are traded in the market as small cap stocks. So, they are younger and, typically in the development phase. The specific stocks in this sector are relatively unknown and, until recently, there haven’t been investment funds specializing in this sector.

This situation could pose a big advantage since many readers often look to acquire stock in these companies at pennies per share. The winners in the blockchain and bitcoin mining space have come and gone, giving early investors a huge windfall. Though these opportunities have come to pass, they act as a very clear case study as to the true potential of early investments into companies within this space, especially right now:

Eastman Kodak Company
Early Investors Captured Over 400%!

A company built on the imaging industry found incredible success in its recent diversification strategy. The company and WENN Digital Inc. recently announced the launch of the KODAKOne image rights management platform and KODAKCoin, a photo-centric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.

Utilizing blockchain technology, the KODAKOne platform will create an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers to register both new and archive work that they can then license within the platform. Share prices soared from under $3 to as high as $13.28!

Net Element, Inc.
Early Investors Captured Over 1,200%!

Net Element’s blockchain-focused business is a decentralized crypto-based ecosystem that will act as a framework for value-added services that can connect merchants and consumers directly utilizing blockchain technology while increasing the speed and efficiency of transactions made through the Company’s processing, settlement and services ecosystem. Previous to its diversification strategy into blockchain and digital currency technologies, Net Element was trading around $2.50 before running to highs of over $33.50!

MGT Capital
Early Investors Captured Over 1,600%!

With facilities in northern Sweden and WA state, MGT Capital Investments, Inc. ranks as one of the largest U.S. based Bitcoin miners. Further, the Company continues to execute on an expansion model to grow its crypto assets materially.

The Company also owns a portfolio of cyber security technologies, including the Company’s first product, Sentinel, an enterprise class network intrusion detector which was released in October 2017. The Company also owns the intellectual property associated with developing and marketing a mobile phone with extensive privacy and anti-hacking features. MGT was trading at levels that were under $0.50 before exploding to over $8 per share during its expansion into the digital currency & blockchain technology space!

The Time For Waiting Is Over!

Now is the time that not only early stage investors are looking to get involved within this market but also big banks, hedge funds, and large institutions as well.

“The first generation of the digital revolution brought us the Internet of information. The second generation — powered by blockchain technology — is bringing us the Internet of value: a new platform to reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better.”

~ Don Tapscott, Author of “The Digital Economy”

There are others like former US Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers who explicitly state blockchain technology will a major gamechanger, ““I’m reasonably confident … that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange.”

The reality is that we will likely need industry pioneers to spearhead the next generation of technological developments that can be produced to fuel the huge demand going forward. Developers, like Block One Capital (BLOK.V) (BKPPF) are planning to meet the growing demand and become a mainstay of the industry.

It also sparks investors and market watchers on a path to find the next big market mover to capitalize on. Based on key factors mentioned in this report alone, we think BLOK.V could be showing early potential to revolutionize the way blockchain technology and digital currencies are brought to market. Once again, it could be the earliest onlookers who are set to profit. is owned by JSG Communications & expects to be compensated up to $500,000.00 by Block One Capital Inc. for a period beginning March 3, 2018 and ending September 5, 2018, to publicly disseminate information about (BKPPF). We may buy or sell additional shares of (BKPPF) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. We own zero shares. Full Disclaimer Click Here


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