Bithumb Launch Crypto Based Kiosks at Restaurants For Food Orders In Korea


Bithumb has publicized its plans to launch a new venture that will see the firm operate a kiosk business with the brand name Touch B. Under this new development, the cryptocurrency exchange will undertake the role of installing kiosks in cafes, restaurants as well as small eateries.

Bithumb in partnership with kiosk producers has agreed to offer the meals and beverage franchise shops, small eating places, as well as cafes the logo Touch B.

The Korean cryptocurrency Bithumb is getting into the retail kiosk industry to augment the adoption of in the rustic. These fee facilitating and order-taking kiosks will be expected to be placed in eating places and cafes to allow consumers to browse through the menus, place orders and pay for the meals using virtual currency.

According to Zdnet Bithumb launched three services, of which two were named in the article as kiosks Touchbone and Touchpad, thus giving the business owners options based on their size and card requirements. The rental costs for Touch B kiosks will probably be offered at 10 percent discount as a way of helping the smaller businesses to afford Bithumb’s products.

Ordering for food using kiosks is a common thing in South Korea. Bithumb partnered with some kiosk manufacturers in February such as Unos Pay; I’m U and Tros Systems “to supply the kiosks optimized for small businesses and operate the food and beverage franchises, as well as small cafes and restaurants.

Bithumb Cache is the third service; it is a password clearance service that allows the Bithumb customers to exchange their funds so they can use them at the kiosks with their password.

The software that these kiosks will be using has not revealed yet, and none have that idea. Nonetheless, there are reports that Touch B will be charging a somewhat lower rental fee for these kiosks.

The Bithumb subsidiary believes it that these low-cost kiosks will allow the small and medium-sized enterprises to grow based on their efficiency as well as profit margins by increasing the sales while also reducing the costs.

Then, as you would expect, all the kiosks that Touch B operate will be featuring the option of paying by bitcoin and other virtual currencies.


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