Yoo-Mi PHA: Personalized Wellness Meets the Blockchain


Yoo-Mi PHA is a special blockchain project that mainly focuses on wellness but also goes beyond blockchain. It has a network that connects clients to the personal health assistant which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and hence facilitating the relationship through tokening of rewards.

The Yoo-Mi PHA offers UME token as incentives for participating and finishing the personal wellness steps as well as milestones. Additionally, the tokens also serve in the discount and incentive system. The whole idea behind the building of the wellness platform that is powered by blockchain technology came from a team of AI innovators as well as experts in clinical psychology. This gave birth to a platform that deals with distractions, motivation plus other challenges that people face when to trying to attain their target.

The Yoo-Mi PHA uses deep learning and depends on the knowledge of human psychology to improve participation using an incentivized system of rewards. The ultimate mission is self-improvement.

In a statement, Yoo-Mi PHA CEO Yoram Kraus said the main motivation behind the launch of Yoo-Mi PHA was to take over the role of self-motivation from the user. He added that they wanted to get rid of the noise that comes with the generic nutritional and wellness devices as well as offer hyper-personalized and motivating guidance to each user.

This mission is attained using the unique Virtual Personal Assistant which was developed by a team of more than 60 Artificial Intelligence experts for a number of years. The Yoo-Mi virtual assistant keenly studies and analyzes meta-dayta from users and makes accurate and useful predictions of their behavior, including traits, interests, triggers, predispositions or motivation profile.

Apart from the personal assistant, the project ecosystem is powered by UME token and includes decentralized marketplace that only stocks wellness products. The developer has indicated that the Yoo-Mi personal assistant will remain active with reasonable purchases that offer significant discounts to the users.

The Yoo-Mi PHA project unlocks the world of blockchain to the beauty and personal wellness industry and has the potential to reach to several millions of people. The platform, together with AI assistant and marketplace are expected to be launched in the third quarter of this year.


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