Technology Behind Bitcoin a Possible Tool For Women’s Empowerment


All over the world, women have to strongly be in the forefront struggle to be able to attain both legal and financial security.

There are different reasons for this based on the regions. In many countries women have been denied the rights to be recognized, control money or even own properties since they are deemed to be persons outside the relationship.

With this types of practices in existence, the women’s ability to determine their own life, contribute to the growth of the economy, or even participate in her well-being has totally been greatly hampered.

The technology behind a decentralized currency system seeks to offer chat new paths through women empowerment. It may still be seen as an unviable project due to the dominance of men in the sector. This however seems not to be discouraging the promoters of the technology.

Women not being able to have an access to formal financial institutions, they are only able to gather assets by retaining the cash. This may however be impossible if the women are in situations which have tight controls

By virtue of the types of work women are allowed to do, they are already termed as low earners and sometimes being unpaid labourers at homes.

However, with the decentralized Cryptocurrencies platform, the women will be able to have an easier time in accumulating and being able to access Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies so that they can better their well-being.

In many countries, women do not even have the rights to make contracts hence this automatically affects their abilities to start and have a business running to a desirable status by the owners

In some cases, the women will also have to struggle in order to obtain legal identification documents. Some potential Bitcoin technology seek to give women an access to the official ID’s which doesn’t rely on anyone’s permission

The ability to acquire ID documents, the women will be able to have more freedoms in terms of being able to actively engage in activities they feel they have the capabilities to undertake in them.

Women empowerment across the globe not only stands to be beneficial to the women alone, however it enables all the parties involved to be able to actively contribute to developing the economy.


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