Subutai Blockchain-in-a-Box For Solidity Smart Contracts Announced


OptDyn, the makers of Subutai, the world’s first intelligent Peer-to-Peer (P2P) cloud computing platform have publicized the immediate availability and accessibility of the Subutai Blockchain-in-a-Box blueprint.

Software blueprints act as templates for reducing development time also simplifies the process of application deployment. Subutai blueprints stipulate the general instructions that automate Peer-to-Peer distributed application management tasks that is installation, updating, and maintenance of the applications.

Blockchain-in-a-Box forms a whole development environment for writing Smart Contracts as well as testing them on a private Ethereum network. This also offers a free, instant environment for developers Solidity – the programming language for writing Smart Contracts.

Alex Karasulu, CTO and the Founder of OptDyn said that one of the smartest Subutai application blueprints is the newly released Blockchain-in-a-Box, which enables developers to seamlessly write Smart Contracts in a matter of minutes without necessarily having to deal testnet Ether, the cryptocurrency behind the Ethereum network.

He further added that Subutai goes further than the promise of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) and sets up a private network along with the whole desktop system in the same cloud environment with a packed Solidity development stack to write and test Smart Contracts.

Blockchain-in-a-Box excludes the need for dealing with the infrastructure administration, the version compatibility, as well as any the other configuring aspects of a blockchain network thus reducing time to grow and deploy Ethereum Dapps.

The blueprint may utilize one of the Ethereum test networks thus allowing the Ethereum Solidity developers to try out the new code or an entirely private dedicated blockchain. What’s required for use is the environment which is basic knowledge of JavaScript and Solidity.

Blockchain-in-a-Box makes a self-confined cloud development setting with a virtual desktop and a private blockchain network that enable users to build and deploy smart contracts, transact, and more.

Additionally, to Blockchain-in-a-Box, Subutai provides blueprints for prevalent applications like WordPress which is a content management and blogging platform and Mattermost, a private cloud messaging, and development frameworks like Apache Usergrid that is used for mobile application development. The Subutai blueprints allow the users to get up and run quickly and easy.


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