Google Releases Data Revealing Bitcoin As One Of The Top Searches Of 2017


Google has released new data concerning the most searched subjects on its search engine and Bitcoin has managed to secure a spot on the list.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been quite popular in 2017, especially towards the end of the year which has been characterized by massive surges in the value of most of the digital currencies. Bitcoin kicked off the frenzy as the first cryptocurrency to hit the market and it has been on a bullish trend for a significant part of the year. The cryptocurrency is said to have made a lot of early buyers very rich and this seems to have attracted the attention of the masses which aligns with Google’s report about it being one of the most searched topics.

According to Google’s report, the cryptocurrency managed to secure the second place in the “Global News” category, meaning it was the second most visited or searched topic under that category. Bitcoin was also ranked third in the “How to” search category, with most of the searches being about “how to buy bitcoin.”

“Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It also has become a door to the cryptocurrency world for the general public,” stated a recent report.

The above highlights the fact that Bitcoin has been in the cryptocurrency market longer than other digital currencies. It is also the digital currency that ushered in the underlying blockchain technology that is also behind the existence of other digital currencies also known as altcoins. Most of the people interested in cryptocurrencies have learned about altcoins through bitcoin. For example, some have discovered or come across other digital currencies while carrying out research about bitcoin.

Google also revealed the countries where bitcoin trended the most. Some of the countries that contributed the most number of Bitcoin-related searches include South Africa, Nigeria, Austria, Slovenia, and Netherlands. The U.S was ranked 16th in the list of countries with the most searches. Bitcoin’s rising popularity is a good thing for the cryptocurrency market because it means more people have gotten to know about it and thus increasing the chances of more adoption.


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